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A Maryland-born, Virginia-raised girl that is dedicated to fulfilling her life’s purpose. I’m excited that I am touching lives daily. Through coaching, books, training programs, events and community, I help everyday people to dream there wildest dreams and help to make them a reality by being resilient and innovative.

As introverted as I actually am (I know no one believes this), I’ve always had a heart for people. I could always see the potential in people even when they couldn’t see it in themselves. This has always led me to try and cultivate the inner being of people and provide strategies that develop brilliant leaders that go out and make their mark in the world.

I was always interested in so many things and always felt like I was trying to find my way but couldn’t quite figure it out. I had a love for law and criminal justice (my first love), technology, interior design, social behavior, spirituality, counseling, owls, horses, spoken word, etc., and the list goes on and on. From careers to hobbies to interests my life has been interesting to say the least. But this proved to me, that we could combine all the things that make us who we are and DO something GREAT!

After giving the corporate world a try and being disappointed from layoffs, being overworked and under payed to not wanting to be restricted to an 8 hour day behind someone else’s desk, I chose entrepreneurship. I took a huge leap of faith and decide to not only have freedom to do as I please and make the amount of money that I wanted but to genuinely transform lives in my own way. That’s when I decided to start building my coaching and consulting practice.

I strongly believe that in today’s world you must be your authentic self, be true to yourself and others. There was a moment in my life that I didn’t know who I was.  I struggled to be “like” everyone else. I always felt I never fit in anywhere (and still feel like it at times). That was because I didn’t fit in and that was ok because God called me to stand out. The essence of one’s true being will be displayed effortlessly and their brillance will shine through.

No matter what we have done or gone through in life there is always room for improvement and we are forever learning. Many of us are called to be trailblazers, go-getters and agents of change, so let’s make an impact for the good.

Every set back that you’ve ever endured, placed the fire of resilience in you and it catapulted you to improve in innovative ways beyond your reality.

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certified coach training program, academy of creative coaching

Security+ ce Certified, comptia

b.s. criminal justice, university of Maryland eastern shore

mission statement

to serve people in a capacity that will help them move forward from where they are reaching to creating their desired outcome.

vision statement

A coaching, consulting, and training company dedicated to creating and empowering leaders to be resilient and innovative agents of change.

my mantra

you have what you speak!

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